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For Sale

Please find below listings of vehicles/items which we currently have available for sale.


Please note that all items for sale are subject to VAT when viewing any listed prices.

Should you be interested in any of the items in the below listings then please contact our head office on 01851 70 5217 or send an e-mail with your enquiry (noting which item you are interested in) to:


2013 Volvo FH750 Globetrotter - SM63DRM

Top Spec - Very Well Maintained, 685,000 Kms - £34,500 +VAT

2014 Volvo FH500 Globetrotter - SY14AUF

High Spec - Very Well Maintained, 1,100,000 Kms - £21,000 +VAT

2015 Volvo FH500 - SY15AXX

Well Specified and Well Maintained - 1,330,000 kms - £22,500 +VAT

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